Flatmates moved in

Well  it was a long wait but last week we got a couple in the cabin, and one person in the double room. Now there’s just one spare bedroom, the large single one.

I’ll invite our new flatmates to add to the blog, and ask if they want any photos etc here; otherwise of course they remain quietly anonymous. We are happy to be able to welcome them to Appletree.

In other news, I’ve put batts (well bunnings’ insulation, made from recycled bottles) in the whole ceiling and it’s warmer! The fire has been nice in the cold snaps we’ve had lately. The homely house we are aiming to create is happening. Not without financial worries, but a lot less than if we were trying to pay the rent/mortgage all by our selves! I’m doing paintings and carvings from the local driftwood (beautiful resource!) and still getting the Hobbithaven space sorted hopefully at the old railway station…

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