About the flat ‘founders’

Us on the Kaipara land, with Poppy. A few years ago…

Peter came from fourteen years of building Cafe Eutopia in Kaiwaka, Northland, and also writing about Eutopia (meaning a Good Place in Greek, as opposed to an unattainable perfect place, Utopia or Outopia, meaning  ‘not a place’ – well it was a pun by the learned Thomas Moore in his book Utopia – it could be from Eu topia OR from Ou topia… But we think our idealism should always have a place to try it out in – life as a grand experiment, getting better by gradual evolution, not sudden all-or-nothing revolution).

Raewyn has mostly followed the winding path Peter followed, living in railway carriages, sheds, barns and lean-tos,  as he sought the meaning of life (five years of  philosophy at Auckland university), money (manufacturing etc), and a concrete Eutopia in an organic cafe on State Highway One. She has in recent years tired of this following and has been working as a carer at IHC (Idea) and recently also BUPA in Gisborne. Also studying psychology at Auckland uni and learning Mindfulness and Positive Psychology online. She really looks forward to us both living under one roof and having hot running water and mains power! And practicing all we have learned of happiness, balance and peaceful living (while still keeping the creative edge of course! Peter is now for ‘work’ building hobbit-style cabins and tiny homes. See www.hobbithaven.nz.  And writing, mostly fantasy (the Apples of Aeden series) but some fact – or strongly held opinion!  For example Fantastic Ferrocement, How to Be a Wizard (free to download), volume one of the Apples of Aeden epic fantasy (also free) – and others. Peter’s ebooks on Smashwords and Kindle are linked to here: http://wizardofeutopia.com/ebooks-by-wizard-of-eutopia/

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